The complete Overland Track guidebook

Warwick Sprawson’s The Overland Track is the most comprehensive guidebook available to Tasmania’s iconic hike, providing information to plan and enjoy your walk, including:

  • when to go
  • what to bring
  • detailed transport information on getting to and from the track
  • facilities and accommodation options on and near the track (including Cradle Valley and Cynthia Bay)
  • the region’s history and geology
  • hazards
  • detailed, easy-to-use track notes with accurate distances
  • photos and descriptions of 63 common plants
  • photos and descriptions of the track’s animals, including 23 birds, 3 snakes and 12 mammals
  • great maps, including a tear-out, waterproof 368mm x 512mm overview map.

The Overland Track is 188 pages, full colour and only weights 280 grams, making it the perfect guidebook to pack with you when you go. Get your copy for only AUD 19.95!

What the readers have to say

Reviews are almost universally positive. (The book includes) comprehensive, detailed track notes and maps, colour photographs of the birds and animals along the route, advice on bus and ferry bookings, equipment and food. Without doubt there is a lot packed into its 188 pages printed in a convenient size (184 × 126 mm).

The sections on geology, flora and fauna are well written…Weighing only 275 gm, the book will reward the reader when studied on those quiet nights in the hut or tent, with a comprehensive enough selection of the more frequently encountered flowers, birds and animals to satisfy the needs of all but the serious student of each field. Although I usually shy away from any publication that claims to be ‘a complete guide to walking, flora, fauna and history’, I have to agree that this publication comes as close as most walkers would ever need.

— Ian Mair, Melbourne Bushwalk's Newsletter, Australia
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